Winter is coming do you heat your home with Propane?


Propane heat’s a fair amount of home’s in the winter time but many people don’t realize the fumes it produces can have some detrimental effects on your health and can even be toxic to humans and animals. Winter causes us to keep our windows and doors shut to keep cold air out and unfortunately toxic fumes in. Those fumes can cause respiratory ailments such as dizziness, cough, light headedness, irregular or rapid heartbeat.

The influence of addition of 2-(1-piperazinyl)- ethylamine (as a promoter) on the solubility and absorption rate of carbon dioxide (CO2) in aqueous potassium carbonate solution (as a main solvent) was investigated experimentally, using a vapor liquid equilibrium (VLE) equipment in temperatures from 303.15 to 323.15 K and CO2 initial partial pressures between 25 and 75 kPa. The experimental data showed that the addition of 2-(1-piperazinyl)-ethylamine to potassium carbonate solution results in a significant enhancement in the solubility and absorption rate of CO2. The response surface methodology was applied to explore the relationship between independent parameters on the CO2 loading capacity of blended solution.

What does all the scientific mumbo jumbo mean? Keep your air in check! First be sure to look at your manufacture’s suggestions in your owner’s manual for your propane furnace and or heating solution. Next about keeping your indoor air in check? Vortex Cleaning Recommends using one of the top-rated air purification systems available on the market.   Don’t just take our word for it, Austin air is being used exclusively by the Dept. of Homeland Security and for good reason! Austin Air isn’t your average dust and pollen removal air purification solution. Taking down the levels of ethylamine can mean you will absorb less of the harmful C02 and that’s a good thing! (No one can claim to remove anything 100%) But reducing these levels is sure to provide you with excellent health benefits.

  So much more can be removed from your air using Austin Air, they have an air filter that will work to take out so many impurities. That’s what sets them apart from the competition! Watch for our informative articles by subscribing to our blogs! There’s so much going on in today’s modern living spaces that it’s hard to keep up with it all. What you don’t know could either possibly harm you, make you sick and worse yet claim your life.

Please Note: This is not a total and complete solution to the problems listed and no guarantees are being made by this article. This is a great solution to help improve your air quality when used in conjunction with the suggestions made by the manufacture of propane heating solutions.