Using The Proper Method When Cleaning Rugs

The importance of cleaning these rugs the right way can’t be stressed enough. If you are looking to get your rugs cleaned at your home while carpet is being cleaned
That isn’t something we do and for good reason. It’s important for your rugs to be fully cleaned, when cleaning area and or Oriental Rugs we clean them front to back
to insure that your rugs are cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Steam is not used nor is it recommended for cleaning your delicate rugs. I have heard of other carpet cleaning companies telling customers that certain rug types may be cleaned in this fashion and then they clean the rugs at the customer’s home.  When area and oriental rugs are cleaned the right way it takes them a while to dry.  For that reason it’s not good to let them dry on your floor as most people use them on their wood floors and or over carpet to tie the design of a room together on their carpet.  When you let your precious wool rugs and other rug types dry this way it can cause damage to wood and or cause both damage to wood flooring with a combination of mold damage.  Color fading can be a direct result of steam cleaning your precious rugs and I’ve seen it happen.  Mold and mildew can also occur between a carpet and a rug that isn’t being dried properly.

Why Environment For Cleaning Rugs Is Important

Where we clean your rug ensures thorough drying, it also protects the appearance of colors in a rug.  A controlled environment means that your rug never lays outdoors for any length of time risking the sun bleaching effects that we’re all too familiar with.  A good rug is a really big investment so we do everything in our power to ensure that you will never see any fades in color.  Another reason why it is so important to use to right cleaning solutions to reduce the risks that this may happen.  It happens with companies out there more often than you may think and we’ve had customers that have experienced the results of faded heirlooms due to negligence in these areas.  Don’t trust your rugs to just anyone!  15 years total experience owner Scott Thom has aquired and honed his skill through both personal and business relationships with masters not only in the field but master cleaning techs in the chemical industry that manufacture the products we use.  Then further honing skills by perfecting our own cleaning techniques which you won’t find anywhere else in our industry.

puppy pet urine stain

Odors & Staining Caused By Pet Stains

Please note that we come by to pick up and inspect the rugs before taking them back to the shop for cleaning. This inspection gives us a good idea of what we’re dealing with before cleaning and or prep is started.  With pet soiling our process is a 2 step process, there are times when customers will try to clean pet soiling unsuccessfully and not let us know.  Please be aware that there are crystals present in all urine types that if not properly treated and removed that can and in many cases will cause the odors to recur.  If at all possible if you have tried to remove pet stains be sure to know approximately where the soiling was.  If you didn’t treat the soiling properly it will need to be addressed to ensure that the recurrence doesn’t happen.  Also be sure to leave your rugs laid out for the inspection before we roll them up as we have a different procedure to move rugs in and out of homes.


Area Rugs Oriental Rugs

Are really important additions to many homes, they give the room a contrast and a feel in a few different ways.  The most obvious is the visual appearance character and balance they add to a room.  Depending on the size they can add some cushion to your walk on hard wood or hard floors.  They also help with the acoustic dampening so your hard flooring doesn’t make your room too boomy or echo.  Keeping them clean isn’t just important to the visual appearance and decor of your room, but the control of odor and freshness.  Keeping them clean also helps to protect the fibers and weaves of your precious heirlooms and or prized collection of fine rugs.  Let us help you maintain by keeping up with a regular cleaning, of usually every few years depending on the traffic they get and or environment they are in.  Initially we schedule an appointment for a tech to come out to your home to look at the rug, so please be sure to leave it rolled out.  We need to examine the soiling so we can go over with you what the best plan will be to deal with any odors from possible pet soiling.  Pets can go to the bathroom on your rugs some times where you’re not always aware that it has occurred.  That is one of the reasons behind why we like to take a look at the condition of the rug before we give you a price quote.  We then take take special care in rolling your rug up to put on our truck to bring your rug to our shop for cleaning.  (Please Note)  We do not accept drop off at our cleaning facilities, we only pick up.

Maintaining in between professional cleaning

Vacuuming at least once a week is recommended and should you decide you want to take your rugs out to air them it’s not a bad idea.  But here’s some advice when doing so, real hot days are not recommended.  The sunlight can be damaging to the colors and cause them to fade.  The hotter it is outside the more it can amplify these effects which leads to the next tip.  If you do take them out to air be sure not to leave them outdoors for too long for the same reason.  I see competitors that say they do this to dry their rugs.  Again putting them outside can be good, but direct sunlight is just not a good idea.  If the sun can fade the interiors in your car over time you can be sure that it will do the same to your rugs.


Maintaining Area Rugs Nashville Area

Your rug is like a tire? Rugs should be turned to switch
up the area you and your family walk on to help maintain a more even wear from foot traffic. Beating dust and dirt out on the back porch for smaller rugs is a really great way to keep the rug structure in good shape! With larger rugs thats not always an option so it is recommended to keep a well maintained vacuum cleaner Nashville or your local area vacuum cleaner shop for maintenance calls and or maybe even get a new vacuum cleaner if the old one has seen better days. Keeping the larger rugs vacuumed on a constant and regular schedule.

Carpeting and Rugs

Area and Oriental Share Common Ground

For many years I’ve told our customers that area rugs and oriental rugs are no different in many ways from the carpet in your home or business. Pads are used underneath your carpet not just to give you that wonderful cushy spring that takes the the rough hard unforgiving feel out of your hard floors in your home. Pad’s ensure that your carpet is not tugged and or pulled in every which direction you walk. This puts heavier stresses on the matting (The foundation of the weave that ties your carpet and rug together) when a lot of weight that pulls in one direction or the other with quick jerking motions. You can only imagine the stress that gets put on the matting over time. So having a good pad underneath your rug is going to accomplish the same thing. This is going to help you get more life from your precious collection of rugs.


My Promise To You

I’m not in a hurry to get to the next job!  Vortex Cleaning take the time necessary to be sure that everything has been done to insure that the job is completed to the best of our expertise!  I’m also not in a hurry to book a job or take a job, time is taken to be sure that you understand what can and can’t be done.  Every now and then a new carpet or rug isn’t a bad idea.  It rarely happens that carpet and or rugs can’t be restored, but there are times it does happen.  I’d rather let you keep the money you would pay Vortex Cleaning to do a job that can’t be done so that you can apply that to your new carpet or rug purchase.  What is lost in a sale today is gained in trust and future business tomorrow.  I’m here to serve your interest not my own.


Here are some examples of our work

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