Using The Proper Method When Cleaning Rugs

The importance of cleaning these rugs the right way can’t be stressed enough. If you are looking to get your rugs cleaned at your home while carpet is being cleaned
That isn’t something we do and for good reason. It’s important for your rugs to be fully cleaned, when cleaning area and or Oriental Rugs we clean them front to back
to insure that your rugs are cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Steam is not used nor is it recommended for cleaning your delicate rugs. I have heard of other carpet cleaning companies telling customers that certain rug types may be cleaned in this fashion and then they clean the rugs at the customers home.  When area and oriental rugs are cleaned the right way it takes them a while to dry.  For that reason it’s not good to let them dry on your floor as most people use them on their wood floors and or over carpet to tie the design of a room together on their carpet.  When you let your precious wool rugs and other rug types dry this way it can cause damage to wood and or cause both damage to wood flooring with a combination of mold damage.  Color fading can be a direct result of steam cleaning your precious rugs and I’ve seen it happen.  Mold and mildew can also occur between a carpet and a rug that isn’t being dried properly.

puppy pet urine stain

Odors & Staining Caused By Pet Stains

Please note that we come by to pick up and inspect the rugs before taking them back to the shop for cleaning. This inspection gives us a good idea of what we’re dealing with before cleaning and or prep is started.  With pet soiling our process is a 2 step process, there are times when customers will try to clean pet soiling unsuccessfully and not let us know.  Please be aware that there are crystals present in all urine types that if not properly treated and removed that can and in many cases will cause the odors to recur.  If at all possible if you have tried to remove pet stains be sure to know approximately where the soiling was.  If you didn’t treat the soiling properly it will need to be addressed to ensure that the recurrence doesn’t happen.  Also be sure to leave your rugs laid out for the inspection before we roll them up as we have a different procedure to move rugs in and out of homes.

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