There are so many different compounds found in our environment.

These articles are designed to help you understand what some of those
compounds are.  In hope that you can become better educated to take control of your home’s environment and make it a healthier place to live.

Medicinal Odors

As we get older we tend to not be as active as we once were, so we tend to let our homes go and sometimes we just physically can’t clean like we used to.
Our vision also plays a role in that we can’t see things like we used to, so we do not see the dirt and dust that has accumulated. We don’t bath like we used to when we were young out of fear of falling and not being able to get up from a fall. A sponge bath can only go so far to rid you from bodily odors.

Medicines & External Medicated Rubs

Inflammatory pain ointments containing Menthol contribute to this type of odor.
Age leads to a more steady consumption or the use of more medications that can evaporate through the pores of our skin.

Considerations For A Healthier Home

A few things for you to consider if you have aging parents or relatives residing in your home. Taking care of the air you breath daily is so important, Austin Air is a wonderful addition to help in the maintenance of clean indoor air quality!

Some of the backstory here on how Austin Air got started

“We began this adventure by way of necessity, Joyce had a real breathing problem. We tried everything,” says Richard Taylor, referring to his wife Joyce. Even as a child, Joyce always experienced difficulty breathing. No matter what treatment was undertaken, nothing made a difference. Joyce finally found relief when her husband recreated the “hospital clean room” environment by drawing upon technologies used in medical facilities.

Wouldn’t you want to trust this type of dedication to clear the air for those who mean the most to you?