There are so many different compounds found in our environment.
These articles are designed to help you understand what some of those
compounds are.  In hope that you can become better educated to take control of your home’s environment and make it a healthier place to live.

Acetaldehyde is a harmful compound as it reacts to other compounds within the body. It’s a common element found mainly in your home’s building materials. The highest concentrations are found in laminate linoleum, wood varnished, cork and pine flooring.  Other places you’ll find acetaldehyde to include water-based and matt paints, wood ceilings and wooden particle-board plywood pinewood and chipboard furniture .

If not processed in the body properly the Acetaldehyde found in alcohol around 2 to 8 percent of it is lost through urine, sweat, or the breath. The other 92 to 98 percent is metabolized by your body. All ethyl alcohol which is broken down in the human body is first converted to acetaldehyde, then this acetaldehyde is converted into acetic acid radicals also known as acetyl radicals. Acetaldehyde is a poison which is a close relative of formaldehyde. For this reason there is a greater chance of Alzheimer’s disease as reported (Ohta, et al., 2004) to occur.

Other side effects of Acetaldehyde in alcohol when drank in excess can cause organ damage such as liver disease. Also causes skin irritation, nausea, headaches and this is also known as the “hangover effect”.

How to remove Acetaldehyde from the body.

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