Hot Weather VitaTherapy With Magnesium

Wow! It’s summer and we’re all revved up to get out and have some fun ๐Ÿ™‚

But as it heats up we can tend to get run down ๐Ÿ™ The heat affects us differently

at different ages but the results are usually about the same just at different levels.

Energy loss and fatigue set in and in turn mental frustration can start to set in because

the momentum that we started out with is all but gone to enjoy summer.


Tips for hot weather

These tips can help you avoid some of the frustration that go with the hot weather.   The physical drain that occurs during these hot days can cause a multitude of things to happen to our body. If you follow the right precautions you can avoid some of the health destroying pitfalls getting you back on track to enjoying your summers and reduce the risk’s associated with the damaging affects that the

heat can have on us.



    1. I think most of us get tired of hearing drink water because when it gets really hot out there,there are times and chime in if you know what I mean on our blog; but there are times where and when you drink some of the best filtered water money can buy and your mouth feels like a dry old tire ๐Ÿ™
    2. Get your electrolytes in order and so here’s what those electrolytes actually consist of just for the record ๐Ÿ™‚ In physiology, the primary ions of electrolytes are sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), chloride (Clโˆ’), hydrogen phosphate (HPO42โˆ’), and hydrogen carbonate (HCO3โˆ’). The electric charge symbols of plus (+) and minus (โˆ’) indicate that the substance is ionic in nature and has an imbalanced distribution of electrons, the result of chemical dissociation. Sodium is the main electrolyte found in extracellular fluid and is involved in fluid balance and blood pressure control.


Understanding the importance of Electrolytes


All known higher lifeforms require a subtle and complex electrolyte balance between the intracellular and extracellular environment. In particular, the maintenance of precise osmotic gradients of electrolytes is important. Such gradients affect and regulate the hydration of the body as well as blood pH, and are critical for nerve and muscle function. Various mechanisms exist in living species that keep the concentrations of different electrolytes under tight control.

Muscle function

Both muscle tissue and neurons are considered electric tissues of the body. Muscles and neurons are activated by electrolyte activity between the extracellular fluid or interstitial fluid, and intracellular fluid. Electrolytes may enter or leave the cell membrane through specialized protein structures embedded in the plasma membrane called ion channels. For example, muscle contraction is dependent upon the presence of calcium (Ca2+), sodium (Na+), and potassium (K+). Without sufficient levels of these key electrolytes, muscle weakness or severe muscle contractions may occur.


Electrolyte balance is maintained by oral, or in emergencies, intravenous (IV) intake of electrolyte-containing substances, and is regulated by hormones, in general with the kidneys flushing out excess levels. In humans, electrolyte homeostasis is regulated by hormones such as antidiuretic hormone, aldosterone and parathyroid hormone. Serious electrolyte disturbances, such as dehydration and overhydration, may lead to cardiac and neurological complications and, unless they are rapidly resolved, will result in a medical emergency.




When out in the summer heat we must remember the importance of balancing our system out. The human body is a very delicate mechanism and requires that delicate balance when it comes to the heat and how things like our muscles deal with it. One of the main things I’ve focused on is Magnesium as your body gets robbed of it in the heat.   Things like caffeine can rob us of this important mineral as well and when it’s hot outside you’ll feel a strain on your muscles as they cramp up from too much caffeine as the heat is stealing your magnesium as well as calcium to begin with.




      • Replenishes energy and electrolytes
      • Reduces Inflammation, muscle and joint pain
      • Supports Immune system function and protein synthesis
      • Reduces recovery time between training
      • Restore energy, reduce inflammation and boost immunity


Things to consider

Age does play a role in the muscle and joint inflammations and pain and again to varying degrees. But no matter the age inflammation is always a factor especially in the high temps associated with summer. Along with supplementations diets that foster higher levels of things like – Vitamins and Minerals” target=”_blank”>Magnesium supplements can also help you out to some degree as well and I believe whole heartedly in trying to maintain a good diet of the healthy foods that support well being for all environmental conditions.








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