Direct link between heart attacks and too much water in the blood

Here’s why you should consider a dehumidifier in your home or office research dating back to 2001 suggests a direct link between heart attacks and too much water in the blood. It really doesn’t matter what time of the year it is humidity levels can spike through out the year causing health issues for many. When researchers compared monthly heart attack death rates with weather information, they found that average monthly relative humidity was associated with total heart attack deaths. The number of heart attack deaths increased as average monthly relative humidity rose. In a study done in Athens, the most humid month was December; the driest was August. However humidity levels in Tennessee and many other states across the country tend to be still very humid in August increasing the need to run a dehumidifier through out the summer months.

It doesn’t take extreme heat to have an effect on your heart, experts say when temperatures reach 70 degrees with 70 percent humidity is where you begin to feel these effects. The reason being when you begin to feel warm, your body tries to keep cool by sweating and sending more blood to the tiny vessels just beneath your skin. As the volume of blood drops elsewhere, the heart has to work harder.

What are the benefits of a dehumidifier

Using a dehumidifier to keep your home below 60% humidity can help you feel better while keeping below the 70% threshold as reported by the research back in 2001. This can also help you run your air conditioner less because your home will stay cool for longer periods of time during those really hot periods preceding heavy rainfall setting the stage for those humid days that come after as heat increases. I run my air conditioning very little in comparison to many homes I service when rendering cleaning services during these extreme weather conditions increasing the efficiency of your homes hvac systems.

The recommended humidity level is between 50 and 60%, when purchasing a dehumidifier I highly recommend getting a digital one. I’ve used both analog and digital units and trust me when I tell you the accuracy of the digital unit gets you right where you want that optimal humidity between 50 and 60%. All in all you will breathe a whole lot easier with air that is fully optimized as well as you’ll get a much better nights rest during the hot humid days of summer.

Can a dehumidifier kill mold

The other benefits are preventing mold and mildew keeping your air fresher and cleaner not to mention keeping mold from forming in places like your carpeting. In my next article I’ll be covering tips you won’t want to miss regarding things you can do to help you with allergies and keeping your home cleaner with less effort. All in all mold is a natural thing that exists no matter what you do, it’s just to what extent it exists in your home. Keeping the spore counts low to where they don’t make you sick is the trick! If you have a previous problem with mold you will want to contact a professional to help you get it under control. But from a maintenance standpoint it will help you keep it under control unless extreme conditions are present.

If you find these tips helpful please feel free to share them with your friends and your loved ones. It could save a life.


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