Professional from the high gloss shine to the cleanliness and overall appearance of your floor.

The 3 Process Assurance

We exercise a very stringent and thorough set of 3 processes that a floor goes through before the final process. This ensures that your floors are cared for with a very high standard set by Vortex Cleaning LLC. This high standard ensures the cleanest floor possible before finish is re-applied. Our methods are tried and proven to produce no less that the optimum results each and every time. Some floors may take a little more time to get back to the shape they need to be in depending on how they have been maintained over the years, but we will get them there!

Don’t settle for anything less than Vortex Cleaning to get your floors clean with a high luster gloss. Shiny floors are nice, but if they look dirty because they weren’t properly prepped before the finish is reapplied they will look dirty no matter how much you clean them afterward. Don’t pay high dollar for dirty shiny floors.
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