When moving in or out of a house or apartment time gets tight. It’s stressful enough trying to get everything you own in or out. Haven’t you done enough work? Let us take one of your biggest pains out of the equation and make it the last problem you need to solve! Right now if you have us clean your carpet while we’re cleaning your home or apartment get 10% off 5% without carpet cleaning.

Because we don’t want dissatisfied customers if you are unable to walk through the property the day that we are there doing the work we have a follow up policy in place. Money back guarantees don’t fix problems people do and that’s why we take full ownership of those problems when they do occur.  No one is perfect and everyone is going to run into an issue or two along the way, rest assured that when those problems do arise Vortex Cleaning will be there for that follow up call to come back to your property to make it right!


Call 615-537-1168 to set an appointment and get your free estimate and know that when you are done moving you are done moving!  Any questions are welcome but be advised that your posts are moderated and need approval so only questions regarding this service are allowed.  Anything unrelated will not be approved, if you do not wish your questions to be made public but kept private please let us know this in your question then only we will see your questions.

Please note: Currently we are not accepting contract house cleaning clients, however at some point this may change. We do keep lists of people who’ve expressed an interest in a contracted house cleaning service. If and when we decide to offer this service we would then contact you. If upon the completion of your move in or out cleaning you have an interest just let us know and we will add you to the list.



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