Why Carpet Cleaning Is such An Important Part Of Maintaining Carpet

In a series of post’s to this page I’ll be sharing with you things that are important for you to consider when planning on the years of enjoyment you’ll receive by proper maintenance for your home or even office carpeting.




Here’s my first tip:  If your carpet looks like this example of graphite in carpet

Example of Graphite in carpet.

Then you most likely have furniture with some metal workings in which there is graphite to keep it working.  This is something that can’t be gotten out once it’s been worked in, so here’s what I recommend you do.  When positioning furniture in a carpeted area I recommend putting plastic underneath the chair to catch the graphite.  That way you can go and carefully pull the plastic out once a month and empty it into a trash can.  This will help you maintain your carpet for years of enjoyment. #carpetcleaningservices #residentialcleaning #janitorial #nashville #franklintn brentwoodtn




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