Why Deep Steam

Carpet manufactures used to readily warranty carpet that was cleaned with conventional steam methods which they have now moved away from.  Extreme heat can and does have a detrimental effect on fabrics and the weaves in the case of your carpet.  Deep Steam creates the vapors more from the pressure than it does the heat assocated with conventional steam methods.  Killing germs is very important but it’s also important to extend the life of your carpet and keep it as close to the day it was laid to the day you call us in to clean.  With the added focus on vapor penetration Deep Steam makes mold and mildew less likely to occur because it stays closer to the extraction path giving you a much better chance that more of the water will be removed from your carpet than with hotter lighter weight steam that floats so many feet from it’s original application path. 

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The added benefits of Deep Steam
“Color steadfastness so colors won’t run or fade”

Mass Is Everything

Vortex Cleaning Deep Steam approaches the challenges of conventional low mass light weight fly away steam with a simple yet highly effective solution. Water temperature is what effects the mass producing greater pressure against tough soiling in today’s heavily soiled carpet. High mass steam penetrates dirt in carpet fibers and extracts better than low mass light weight steam. When we finish the job, customers are surprised at how much dirt we pull out. You can literally see it in the waste water! If you stay current with vacuuming and cleaning maintenance the water should never look filthy afterwards. As professional carpet cleaners, we leave behind nothing but clean carpet!

Vibrant Color Protection

Deep Steam ensures color steadfastness so colors won’t run or fade! The very same reason you don’t put colored fabrics in your washing machine on too hot of a temperature. 

Environmentally Safe Carpet Cleaning

Our proprietary blend of high quality natural cleaning solutions for a non toxic and environmentally green carpet cleaning with a  smell you can count on , and  a deep down clean you won’t get anywhere else. This allows us the benefit of leaving out unwanted and more importantly unneeded deodorizers used by our competitors that can leave behind sticky residues that can attract dirt from foot traffic.

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What should I know when it comes to drying my carpet

There are times when a good fresh cool dry breeze through your home can be a great thing to help in the drying process. Then there are other times when perfect drying conditions don’t exist which is at least 90% or better of the time, the dew points
just like the weather forecast can have a great deal to do with how your carpet will dry. Tennessee has a lot of hot moist humid weather and so generally speaking I don’t as a general rule suggest open doors and windows to help during the drying process. There are rare occasions but no one can really predict when those might be.

Proper Ventilation

This is one of the reasons why it is important that you have a good source of ventilation and that is preferably Central heating and or air (Depending on weather) Failure to do it right can and will given the weather conditions outside give way to possible mold mildew. No carpet cleaning system dries 100% so the above information is really important! Your air conditioner acts a a very powerful dehumidifier and will help ensure that your carpet dries properly during those hot sticky humid and or rainy days of the year. This is part of the criteria used and followed by classroom instruction for IIRC certifications for the water technician course. We do not do restoration but I have taken the course and follow these practices to ensure dry carpet.


Other carpet cleaners tell you that your carpet will dry in a few hours, what they don’t tell you is that it’s dry to the touch. Ours will dry to the touch within 3 to 4 hours, while the surface is dry your carpet is surface dry only not dry in the matting where your carpet weave connects. While we have one of the better systems out there, because none are perfect we provide specific drying instructions when the work has been completed to help ensure your carpet dries completely and maintains a fresh smell.

How often should I clean my carpet?

If you are interested in preserving the life of your carpet I recommend at the most carpet be cleaned no more than once a year unless you are a Restaurant. Due to the fact that there’s far more grease in the air because of all the food being cooked public eating places are an exception to the rule. For that reason their carpet doesn’t last as long as a residential carpet will if properly maintained and not over cleaned. Too many cleanings over the course of a year can start to loosen the tacking underneath as well as it can cause problems with the glue letting loose of the carpet. This can and does cause carpet to become wavy and need stretching which depending on how bad your carpet is will lead to more wear and tear on the carpet if not done reducing the over all life of your investment.

Deodorizers and residue from soap

Are you are concerned with residue left behind from cleaning agents used to clean your carpet? With Vortex Cleaning you can rest assured that the cleaning we use is right inline with those claiming to leave no residue behind in your carpet. Also understand that is one of the main reasons why we are not big on using deodorizers on your carpet. They are dirt magnets because they do leave a heavy residue and can cause your foot traffic to grow fast after an application.

We use one of the most non destructive lowest ph cleaners on the market today. Safe for your family and your pets while smelling really clean and getting your carpet even cleaner! Again for this we never have and never will charge you more for the high quality solutions used and or the outstanding work we perform for each and every customer served since 2007.

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