Low Mass Fly Away Steam
Encapsulation Applicator and or Bonnet

What you’ll learn

There’s so many to choose from out in the Nashville area the question comes up for many.  Which carpet cleaning method is best?  We’ll go over the different methods used to clean carpet and what soiling and environments these methods are best suited for. Let it be said that the best method overall whether you use Deep Steam or some other water-based method. When you can rest assured that you will always get best results with a good extraction and water-based solution. This isn’t to say that the other methods that we’ll cover in our articles are not good solutions, but typically they are a niche-based solution that they are best suited for.

What You Should Know About Maintaining Carpet

In our maintenance section, we cover how to best maintain your carpet throughout the year and what cleaning cycles you should consider. Because some of the specialty methods covered in our articles are just that, they’re specialized and suited to cleaning certain environments and or soiling types. Generally speaking? They are not good overall solutions to everyday maintenance, specialized carpet cleaning tools provide you with solutions to the problems they were created to solve and should only be used when those problems are present, but the preferred method some type of water-based cleaning method with a good high-quality extraction should be used to maintain your carpeting as specialized methods also mean a higher cost to the consumer.

The Right Method Gets The Best Result

At Vortex Cleaning we want to be sure to take care of your carpet cleaning needs with the right methods to get the job done right and to your satisfaction. Higher priced cleaning methods don’t always mean cleaner carpet. Compare our cleaning methods with the others and see which one best suits your needs, if you still have questions or would like to just simply schedule an appointment feel free to give is a call or shoot us an email!