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Hello my name is Scott Thom

I’m here today to give you a bird’s eye view of our Extra Deep Cleaning Process
Hands down bar none the best system out there!

Carpet Cleaning Nashville

Our Extra Deep Cleaning System Has 3 different levels.

Level 1 Affordable maintenance! Keep up with regular cleaning and you will only need to do this ever few years.

Be proactive! Not reactive!

You can see the piles near the center of this carpet from top to bottom. They stand up like
kernels of corn on a cob. When carpet pile looks like this it makes it easy for your vacuum to get
dirt in between. Where as the piles on the side are flattened and not as prominent
this is where foot traffic begins, lessoning the effectiveness of your routine vacuuming. After a
while the beater bar on your vacuum can’t lift those piles back up to get in between. This system
lifts and cleans in between the matted down pile where traditional carpet cleaning methods fail.
The bottom section of carpet hasn’t been fully cleaned.
This is a two part system in which the final clean is done
with our exclusive Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning System

Try not to let this happen

Level’s 2 and 3 have
more to do with the
amount of time the
heavy foot traffic soiling
has been setting into
your carpet.
Level 2 is under 3 years but you have had a lot of activity through certain
rooms in your home. Level 3 is foot traffic soiling that has been occuring over 3 years, the longer
you let it go the harder it can be to get it out. I’ve developed stronger combinations of cleaning
agents and different time frames in order to deal with these harsher environments. No matter
what your situation getting up to speed with this system can and will help you preserve the life
of your carpet!
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Carpet Cleaning Nashville

Picture shown of Work

Please note that pricing will vary depending on your situation and that is the reason that pricing is not listed. We only charge for what you need and certain rooms in your home will be the most likely candidates
for this process.
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Carpet Cleaning Nashville and surrounding areas


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