vortex cleaning suv owner scott thom

Scott Thom brings a high powered skill set to the commercial and residential cleaning arena

15 years experience done with passion and innovation is what elevates Vortex Cleaning to the top of the class. Servicing banks-restaurants medical facilities and high production factory environments are a few of the feathers in the portfolio.  Customer service by the means of customer walk through pointing out any concerns to a customer is where it all begins when work is completed.  Making sure that customer understands work that has been performed as well as any drying instructions when it comes to carpet being dried properly.  I make doubly sure that our customers are well informed in their roles after work is done my company is based on very clear and true transparency and nothing is glossed over or sugar coated.  I work with customers to be sure there’s realistic goals and expectations set early on before work begins.

Coming from Wisconsin 10 years ago where Scott managed a floor care division for a company there. Scott also brings his skill of business and customer service from a family owned music business of 26 years. Settling for nothing but the best when it comes to delivering services to customers in the Middle Tennessee area.

The last time Scott was in Nashville prior to settling down here was when he came down for the music conventions when he was just 7 years old in the back of his parent’s Pontiac station wagon at where Scott’s Mom and Dad would get up and play with Roy Clark and Buck Owens band as well as Scott father would take steel guitar lessons from Roy Clark himself.

Scott still plays for his own enjoyment and his wife Cindy (Native to Tennessee) are both glad to call the Nashville area home! Last but not least and in fact first Scott is proud to call his Dad his mentor in life.


Down to earth and I love to help people



What inspired me to start Vortex Cleaning LLC

9 Years ago one of the two cleaning companies I worked for at the time cleaning a very large complex that took about 8 hours a day to clean gave me the following inspiration. One of the things that my trainer had told me and made a joke about at the time was about one of the business owners who’s company resided in one of the suites they cleaned. She told me that the business owner was adamant about dust in her office. Time had gone by and one day while I was working in her office I took a time out to look at the pond and scenery in the back of the complex.

I took a deep breath and noticed something really amazing!

It felt really good in her office in a physical sense, the clean air in the office due to the lack of heavy dust in the air was truly a good thing and it inspired me on a personal level. The inspiration lead me to go home and take down all curtains, get all the sheets and pillow cases and bedspreads and covers off of the bed and vacuum out my bedding. I went on to further clean all the blinds window sills and moldings and baseboards vacuum all the carpet and so on and so forth. The benefits of clean air alone in your home and or your business can not be fully realized through description, you just have to experience it to know what I’m talking about.

I told myself at that point that I would build my cleaning company off of this experience should I decide to start one, lol. Well I did and here I am! We’ve undergone a lot of structural changes over the years to help us better accommodate our customers but Cleaning For Your Health has and always will be the root and driving force behind Vortex Cleaning.

Other things followed those early beginnings of crafting a healthier environment that I often share personally with our customers when we meet. But today the dream of sharing those environmental improvements with you on the net is slowly becoming a reality and we’re excited!