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The best carpet cleaning prices in Nashville Vortex Cleaning LLC We’re your nearby carpet cleaning solution!

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Compare us to the average cost of carpet cleaning for small offices or your home in Hendersonville or Nashville Vortex Cleaning LLC you will find that our competition charges about $175.00 for 5 rooms of carpet cleaning. That’s 5 rooms and that’s it! If you have stairs to clean or any added rooms your cost is going to run higher even in Franklin Tennessee. Others will give charges that look like real bargains up front and you will find that when you need other work done which 96% of the average households do then your costs are going to go way up. Call me today and find out why Vortex Cleaning LLC is one of the best local deals in places like Brentwood for carpet cleaning. “Cheap price high quality”

Carpet Cleaning Made Simple

You can just pick up the phone and we’ll get you setup and ready to roll! We’ve tried to make the site simple to help you find what you need quick by providing navigation to help get you to what’s important now! Deep Steam and our Extra Deep Cleaning are Vortex Cleaning Exclusives! Going on our 12 year of serving Nashville and the surrounding area’s! All in all 16 years total experience serving up the best of the best!

If you’d like to learn more about our methods then look no further than the links for Deep steam to get started. We also provide you with a look into what other carpet cleaning methods that are out there used by our competition so you can get a better look at how we ramp up against our competition. There isn’t a bad method or a wrong way in any of the methods listed. Everyone has their methods and those methods are all tried and proven over many years and although there is no wrong way out of those there are methods that are better suited for a particular environment and soiling.  Our method will suit 90% or better of most situations

Mass Is Everything

high mass low density steam example
Conventional steam cleaning method. Lightweight fly away steam.

Vortex Cleaning Deep Steam approaches the challenges of conventional low mass light weight fly away steam with a simple yet highly effective solution. Water temperature is what effects the mass producing higher pressure against tough soiling in today’s heavily soiled carpet. High mass steam penetrates dirt in carpet fibers and extracts better than low mass light weight steam. When we finish the job, customers are surprised at how much dirt we pull out. You can literally see it in the waste water! If you stay current with vacuuming and cleaning maintenance the water should never look filthy afterwards.  That may sound a little strange but if carpet isn’t maintained on a regular basis dirt will put more wear and tear on your carpet reducing the overall life.   Professional carpet cleaners that we are we leave behind nothing but clean carpet!

Why Deep Steam

In the past carpet manufactures warrantied carpet that was cleaned with conventional steam methods.  But today they no longer warranty carpet cleaned this way because over time they’ve learned that extreme heat can and does have a detrimental effect on fabrics and the weaves in the case of your carpet.  Deep Steam creates the vapors more from the pressure than it does the heat associated with conventional steam methods.  Killing germs is very important but it’s also important to extend the life of your carpet and keep it as close to the day it was laid to the day you call us in to clean.  Focused vapor penetration! Deep Steam makes mold and mildew less likely to occur due to proximity of the extraction path being closer to the point of extraction Deep Steam extracts more water removing more moisture and dirt from carpet than hotter lighter weight steam that floats so many feet from it’s original application path. 

“Dry carpet cleaning vs Steam cleaning” “Indoor Air Quality”

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The added benefits of Deep Steam
“Color steadfastness so colors won’t run or fade”

Vibrant Color Protection

Deep Steam ensures color steadfastness so colors won’t run or fade! The very same reason you don’t put colored fabrics in your washing machine on too hot of a temperature. 

Environmentally Safe Carpet Cleaning

Our proprietary blend of high quality natural cleaning solutions for a non toxic and environmentally green carpet cleaning with a  smell you can count on , and  a deep down clean you won’t get anywhere else. This allows us the benefit of leaving out unwanted and more importantly unneeded deodorizers used by our competitors that can leave behind sticky residues that can attract dirt from foot traffic.

Our Extra Deep Carpet Cleaning Method

Are there rooms with heavy foot traffic soiling? Click the i information circle to learn more about our Extra Deep Cleaning Method!

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