Deep Steam  Carpet Cleaning  $175.00   5 Rooms $150.00 3 Rooms


Deep Steam Carpet – Upholstery Cleaning Best Prices in Nashville Vortex Cleaning LLC We’re Your Nearby Solution!

Compared to average cost of carpet cleaning professionals for small offices or your home in Nashville ,Hendersonville, Franklin or Brentwood.  $175.00 for 5 rooms of carpet cleaning.  If you have stairs to clean or any added rooms your cost is going to run higher in many parts of Tennessee. Others will give pricing that may look like real bargains up front and you will find that when you need other work done which 96% of the average households do, and then your costs are going to go way up. Call me today and find out why Vortex Cleaning LLC Nashville is one of the best local deals for carpet cleaning. “High quality steam carpet cleaning services”

“Dry carpet cleaning vs Steam cleaning” “Indoor Air Quality”

My Promise To You

I’m not in a hurry to get to the next job! Vortex Cleaning take’s the time necessary to be sure that everything has been done to insure that the job is completed to the best of our expertise! I’m also not in a hurry to book a job or take a job, time is taken to be sure that you understand what can and can’t be done. Every now and then a new carpet or rug isn’t a bad idea. It rarely happens that carpet and or rugs can’t be restored, but there are times that it does happen. I’d rather let you keep the money you would pay Vortex Cleaning to do a job that can’t be done so that you can apply that to your new carpet or rug purchase. What is lost in a sale today is gained in trust and future business tomorrow. I’m here to serve your interest not my own.

Carpet Cleaning Made Simple

Just pick up the phone and we’ll setup an appointment for carpet cleaning Nashville or area’s within the 30 mile service radius.  We’ve made our site simple to help you navigate quickly to help get you scheduled and your cleaning needs met! Deep Steam and our Extra Deep Cleaning are Vortex Cleaning Exclusives since 2007! In our 15th year of serving Nashville, Brentwood Franklin Murfreesboro, Greenbrier, Springfield and Portland Tennessee.  All in all 15 years total experience serving up the best carpet cleaning Nashville area has to offer!

If you’d like to learn more about our methods then look no further than the links for Deep steam and compare our methods to what other carpet cleaners in Nashville are using to get started. There isn’t a bad method or a wrong way to clean carpet from the the methods we cover. Everyone has their methods to clean carpet and those methods are all tried and proven over many years and there are cleaning methods that are better suited for a particular job environment and soiling and you can learn more about that by comparing carpet cleaning methods.  Our method will suit 90% or better of most situations in Tennessee.

Mass Is Everything

Vortex Cleaning, located out here in beautiful Tennessee! We service carpet cleaning Nashville, Brentwood even Franklin TN. Servicing a 30 mile radius so we cover a lot of cities nearby.  With our exclusive method Deep Steam approaches the challenges of conventional low mass light weight fly away steam with a simple yet highly effective solution.  Water temperature is what effects the mass producing higher pressure against tough soiling in today’s heavily soiled carpet. High mass steam penetrates dirt in carpet fibers and extracts better than low mass light weight steam.  Our system is all about MORE FOCUSED APPROACH – Besides a more efficient deeper clean another added benefit is an overall faster dry time.  You can expect that carpet will dry under fair weather conditions within 3 to 4 hours.  If you are moving in with heavy furniture we either recommend letting carpet dry time be at least 12 hours before you move these pieces back in, being heavy furniture such as sofa love seat or chairs.

When we finish the job, customers are surprised at how much dirt we pull out. You can literally see it in the wastewater! If you stay current with a good vacuum cleaner, use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum your carpet thoroughly and stay up with cleaning maintenance because the wastewater should never look like you haven’t cleaned it in years afterwards.  That may sound a little strange but if carpet isn’t maintained on a regular basis dirt will put more wear and tear on your carpet reducing the overall life of your investment. If you buy a good vacuum cleaner and keep it maintained with new bags and or clean the filters regularly a good high quality vacuum cleaner will last for years and you’ll be protecting a very high cost investment for pennies on the dollar.  Another way to help keep not only your carpet in the best shape but this will also help keep you and your family healthy by keeping your air and your heating and cooling ventilation system cleaner is to keep a good air purification system in your home! Austin Air makes one of the best out there. Professional carpet cleaners that we are we leave behind nothing but clean carpet!

Why Deep Steam

What the manufacture of your carpet recommends

In the past carpet manufactures warrantied carpet that was cleaned with conventional steam methods.  But today they no longer warranty carpet cleaned this way because over time they’ve learned that extreme heat can and does have a detrimental effect on fabrics and the weaves in the case of your carpet.  Deep Steam creates the vapors more from the pressure than it does the heat associated with conventional steam methods.  Killing germs is very important but it’s also important to extend the life of your carpet and keep it as close to the day it was laid to the day you call us in to clean.  Focused vapor penetration! Deep Steam makes mold and mildew less likely to occur due to proximity of the extraction path being closer to the point of extraction Deep Steam extracts more water removing more moisture and dirt from carpet than hotter lighter weight steam that floats so many feet from it’s original application path. 

The added benefits of Deep Steam
“Color steadfastness so colors won’t run or fade”

Vibrant Color Protection

Deep Steam ensures color steadfastness so colors won’t run or fade! The very same reason you don’t put colored fabrics in your washing machine on too hot of a temperature.

Environmentally Safe Carpet Cleaning

Our proprietary blend of high quality natural cleaning solutions for a non toxic and environmentally green carpet cleaning with a  smell you can count on , and  a deep down clean you won’t get anywhere else. This allows us the benefit of leaving out unwanted and more importantly unneeded deodorizers used by our competitors that can leave behind sticky residues that can attract dirt from foot traffic.  Carpet cleaning safe for pets and kids Nashville.

Carpet Cleaning Pro VS. Store Bought Or Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines

In the long haul your carpet is a hefty investment that can last you a long long time if you properly care for it.  I recommend having a small unit to keep up with those accidents every family has throughout time.  But the store bought units are just good light maintenance and should never be used as a complete maintenance program with the idea in mind that your carpet will last years.  Even local Brentwood Nashville carpet cleaning rentals you go to your local market to rent and the carpet cleaner solutions you buy to clean your carpet with are again light maintenance solutions.  When considering that the cheapest carpet you can buy for most homes runs in the area of around $4,000 to $6,000 on the low end?  Why would anyone go out and spend $50 when all is said and done to rent a low grade carpet cleaning solution locally and then spend how many hours cleaning it when you can hire the professional’s at Vortex Cleaning LLC for just $175 for 5 rooms.
If you have other issues we’re the most reasonable you’re going to find out there that I can promise you!  But beyond price you will find that we’re also the best at getting the really tough organic soiling out!

Pet Urine Can be tough to get out. We’ve got you covered.

Pet Stain Cleaning

Urine To Defecation

Pet stain removers for the do it yourselfer are only good if you catch stains early on before they’ve had the chance to dry in for a length of time. It’s not a bad idea to have pet stain removers on hand for when you catch pet stains in the early stages when you have puppies or kittens that don’t produce a lot of urine and granted you are able to find the messes quickly enough. Dogs are generally starting to saturate carpet more from age 2 and up, it is highly recommended if you don’t have a small spot cleaner with a vac that you have one on hand and again if you can get it soon enough that usually will save you from future problems or not as many. If pet urine is left in your carpet past 2 days even if you clean it you won’t get that soiling that seeps deeper into the pad unless you have special pet padding that seals it out. Once it gets deeper into the pad your dog will usually go back to where his nose leads him which is going to make problems worse as it starts to seep into your sub floor. So if you see and smell odors from pet staining that is let go for too long because you don’t notice it right away it’s best to get a carpet cleaning technician out with good extraction to remove as much of the soiling as possible. The longer it stays in there the more likely your pet has frequently gone back and urinated in the same spot and the less the chances are that it will all come out with the first cleaning.  In the end we’ll have your carpet smelling nice and fresh.

Don’t Pull Urine Soiled Carpet Up To Replace It Without First Cleaning

Cleaning carpet beforehand helps to get soiling and or odors out of the sub-floor. Wood flooring isn’t as bad as cement sub-flooring, as the water table’s underneath the foundation, if there’s no basement in your house can push and pull any soiling through the porous cement into your carpet, what we in the industry call wicking. The moisture from the water table will cause soiling to re-enter carpet if it isn’t well maintained over the years. I’ve seen it more than once where a customer calls us in there to clean a carpet and the customer finds spots in their carpet with quite a surprise. The customer will tell me that the carpet was only a year old, when asked if there were stains in the old carpet where they’re appearing in the new carpet it hits them.

Complete Pet Stain Removal Solution  

Vortex Cleaning is your complete solution to odor causing pet urine and or feces (Cat or Dog Poop) We’ve got you covered! Our process is a 2 step two day process unrivaled! Make sure to plan 2 days for this cleaning to be done.We have a complete plan to remove odors that occur from pet stains. No one in our industry can guarantee the visual soiling will be removed. We can’t promise it every time, but we can state that we’re successful at least 92% of the time in removing the visual appearance from pet urine. Each situation is going to be different and in the case of pet urine the final price quote is based upon our first visit to start the work. Most times from what customers provide over the phone there’s usually not too much and in many cases any difference in pricing. But in some cases your pet may have returned to use the same spot many more times that you may not be aware of. Removal of Feces generally can be done with one cleaning unless there the defecation isn’t solid waste and or how many times the area may have been used by your pet. Call for more details!

What can we help you with?

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Upholstery Is Delicate

Cleaning upholstery can be a delicate job, that you gently work the soiling loose without tearing or ripping fabric and needs to be treated with great care. First we groom the fabric to help loosen the dirt out of the material.  Then we have a very specialized upholstery tool designed to focus only on the area being cleaned which helps stop over spray.  Most tools used to remove soiling from furniture in our industry do present the problem of over spray making them less effective in comparison.  Get your free quote Nashville TN 

Cleaning Service Nashville

Facility Types Serviced

Offices, Medical Facilities, Restaurants, Machine Shops and the list goes on. We have a very diversified customer base and there’s no job too big or too small. Stop pulling your hair out and let the service professionals come in and take care of your business so you can get on with yours. Our customers stay, there are no yearly contracts we earn your business every month.

Window Cleaning

We don’t just boast Museum Quality Clear Windows, we take special care of your glass where other’s don’t always take that care. I treat your home as if it were my own, I wouldn’t want someone scratching up my glass, windows aren’t cheap.  Get your free quote in Nashville TN and surrounding areas

The importance of cleaning Area Rugs – Oriental rugs

The importance of cleaning these rugs the right way can’t be stressed enough. If you are looking to get your rugs cleaned at your home while carpet is being cleaned That isn’t something we do and for good reason. It’s important for your rugs to be fully cleaned, when cleaning area and or Oriental Rugs we clean them front to back to insure that your rugs are cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Steam is not used nor is it recommended for cleaning your delicate rugs.

Our Extra Deep Carpet Cleaning Method

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