sofa set cleaned by vortex cleaning llc
Sofa & Love Seat $159.00

Upholstery is delicate and needs to be treated with great care. We groom the fabric to help work dirt out of the material before we use our specialized upholstery tool that promises focus on the material and cushion only with extreme high pressure using Vortex’s high mass Deep Steam method coupled with our high powered dual three stage extraction engines promise powerful extraction. Because of the high mass and extra density that Deep Steam provides our extraction method becomes even more effective in removing between 15 to 20 gallons of water that gets pumped into the average heavily soiled sofa’s and upholstered furniture we clean on a regular basis. Because of the extensive amount of steam that passes through the dirt breaks down better than the average low mass light weight steam cleaning processes used on the market today. Leaving your furniture looking Factory clean and fresh smelling!

Customers from Laverne Franklin Brentwood to Hendersonville Tennessee enjoy and unrivaled Upholstery cleaning experience!  Call Vortex Cleaning today and talk to Scott to see why we’re the best choice around.  


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