8 Common Irritants

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8 common Irritants Pet dander  Dust mites Fireplace smoke  Aerosol products Pollen  Moisture   Irritants and Allergies Caused by Pet Dander We love our pets like children and they love us also. They have dry skin referred to as pet dander and they spread it all over the house when they shake, even when they Read More

Medicinal Odors

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Medicinal Odors As we get older we tend to not be as active as we once were, so we tend to let our homes go and sometimes we just physically can’t clean like we used to. Our vision also plays a role in that we can’t see things like we used to, so we do Read More

Could Mold Be Making You Sick?

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Could Mold Be Making You Sick? Mildew can be a problem any time of the year but rainy season and the cold snowy wet winters are even worse!  Mildew grows in damp dark places in your home and depending on the geographic area you live in it can be more significant. Mold spores cause a Read More

Thanksgiving the warmth and the odors

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year! But when the guests have gone does your nose know that Thanksgiving has ended? While you’re cooking that Turkey and or those Ham’s Chicken’s and those wonderful vegetable’s they make your home smell great!  But when the guests leave and the parties over those odors that make Read More

Will you be heating your home with propane this winter?

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Winter is coming do you heat your home with Propane?   Propane heat’s a fair amount of home’s in the winter time but many people don’t realize the fumes it produces can have some detrimental effects on your health and can even be toxic to humans and animals. Winter causes us to keep our windows Read More

Effects of Acetaldehyde on the human body

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There are so many different compounds found in our environment. These articles are designed to help you understand what some of those compounds are.  In hope that you can become better educated to take control of your home’s environment and make it a healthier place to live. Acetaldehyde is a harmful compound as it reacts to other Read More

Clinically Proven Air Purification Allergy Solution

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You need a clinically proven air purification solution Allergies seasons and the need for air purification What’s the air purification like in your home?  All those airborne pollens that make us feel not so good escape our detection because we can’t see then. Over the winter even though in some places we dread the cold Read More

Benefits of maintaining proper humidity

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    Here’s why you should consider a dehumidifier in your home or office research dating back to 2001  suggests a direct link between heart attacks and too much water in the blood. It really doesn’t matter what time of the year it is humidity levels can spike through out the year causing health issues for many.   When researchers Read More